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Want to communicate with your baby 1-2 years before they learn to talk?
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How to teach your baby sign language - when to start

When To Start
Wondering what’s the best age is to start teaching your baby sign language? This will clear things up!
When to start teaching your baby sign language

How to teach your baby sign language - free guide

FREE 7 Day Workshop
In my FREE 7 Day Workshop I teach you FIVE core baby signs you can start using in the next 5 minutes!
baby sign language guide

How to teach your baby sign language - online course

Baby Sign Language COURSE
Want to learn 100+ baby signs quickly? Check out my signature course – Adventures In Baby Signing CLASSROOM.
baby sign language course, learn baby sign language online

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About Marcie

Marcie Paige Family Photo © MugShots PhotographyMarcie Paige is a baby sign language strategist who teaches new moms on how to use baby sign language as a communication tool, to support and enhance spoken language and development.

She understands that moms are busy and can’t always make it to a particular workshop or group program, which is why she created: Adventures In Baby Signing. A practical and fun way to learn baby sign language online. With her on-demand video lessons you get quick access to lessons at home, or on-the-go.

You could google all the signs in the book, but the most important piece of the baby sign language puzzle is knowing WHICH signs to teach your baby and HOW to introduce them in the right context.

With her background in American Sign Language, combined with her personal experience teaching both her daughters sign language – That’s EXACTLY what Marcie shows you in Adventures In Baby Signing!

To learn more about Marcie and how she can help you – click here.

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