7 Ways to Show Your Kids How to Engage in Healthy Relationships

This is one of my favourite quotes…

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. – Robert Fulghum

It’s human nature for your toddler to learn life skills by mimicking your behaviour. And as your kids get older the behaviours they mimic on a regular basis will likely become life long habits.

This makes modelling a positive attitude, proper manners and being respectful to friends and family extremely important.

You can preach to your kids all day long about the importance of saying “please and thank you”, apologizing for mistakes, and being sensitive to their siblings feelings; but unless they see you putting these actions into practice, the behaviour won’t stick.

One of the most important skills your child needs to learn is how to engage in healthy relationships; and the most influential role model is you and your spouse (or in some cases another primary caregiver).

Showing affection for your spouse in front of your kids is the #1 way to teach what a healthy relationship looks like.

Here are 7 easy ways to show g-rated affection to your spouse:

  1. spontaneous kiss or big bear hug.
  2. say “I love you” to your spouse when your kids are watching.
  3. prepare their favourite meal or dessert.
  4. leave a love note on the fridge or bathroom mirror.
  5. give an unexpected foot or back massage.
  6. snuggle up together on the sofa when you’re watching T.V.
  7. holding hands when you are out for a walk.

If you want your kids to respect themselves enough to only engage in healthy relationships; it’s up up to you to set the foundation.

In the comments below, tell me YOUR favourite way to show g-rated affection to your spouse! Help me add onto this ‘affection’ list.

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