Learn to Communicate with Your Baby 1-2 Years Before They Can Speak

Together, let’s end unexplained crying fits, whining, and tantrums — and even avoid the terrible twos all together!

Moms and dads with their babyI know in my heart that teaching your baby sign language is the ONE THING you can include in your daily activities to help you calm the chaos, connect with your baby, and enrich your daily activities!

You have a child in your care (who is not talking yet) and you are struggling to understand their cues:

  • Maybe it is a young baby who is constantly waking up at night crying.
  • Or, it’s your 10-month-old who keeps tossing his food on the floor (even though he’s screaming and acting hungry)
  • Or, your toddler is laying on the floor in a hot mess for the 3rd time today, and you have no idea why!

Your Baby is Trying to Tell You Something, She Just Doesn’t Have The Words Yet!

With baby sign language, you can help her.
Save the frustration, open up the lines of communication.

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Hi, I’m Marcie.

I love helping new parents connect and communicate with their new baby by using baby sign language to:

  • Manage the highly stimulating experience of being a mother.
  • End unexplained crying fits, whining, and tantrums.
  • Avoid the frustration of not knowing what your baby wants.

Sound too good to be true?

Keep reading…

My daughter starting communicating with me through sign language at 8 months and was signing over 100 words before she turned 2 years old.

And the best part? We never really went through that terrible-two stage (with either daughter) because they could almost always communicate with me through words they could SAY or SiGN!

Signing Parents Are Often Surprised At What Their Child Chooses To Share With Them (And I was too!)

This is one of my favorite stories…

One very boring (and normal) afternoon my daughter (18 months old) came into the kitchen where I was preparing a meal and pointed up to the counter and mumbled something I couldn’t understand.

I could tell she was asking for something very specific but as I scanned the area she was pointing to I didn’t see anything nearby that would interest her.

I continued to look at her (completely confused) so she repeated herself several times and continued to point up to the counter. But no matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t understand what she was asking for.

I said to her, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.” And instead of getting upset she instantly signed BREAD.

Pretty surprising, right?!

Without sign language, I would NEVER have guessed that all she wanted was a plain old slice of bread.

Through Sign Language, I Discovered There Was A Lot More Going On Between My Daughter’s Cute Little Ears Than I Would Have Given Her Credit For

Here are a few ways she communicated her needs with me (on a daily basis):

  • At 8 months she was asking to be nursed.
  • At 8-10 months she let me know when she was FINISHED or wanted MORE to eat.
  • At 12 months she was expressing a preference to WATER, MILK and JUICE.
  • At 16 months she was asking for HELP, before getting frustrated with a task.
  • By 18 months she could recognize and sign all of her colors. (a really fun bath-time activity!)

All Too Often I Hear Parents Admit They Feel Overwhelmed & Are Looking Forward To Going Back To Work–Just To Get A Break!

That got me thinking. I NEVER felt that way. In fact, I LOVED being at home with my kids. I felt more content, more grounded, and more rested as a (24/7) stay-at-home mom than I ever did when I was setting an alarm and heading off to work 5 days a week.

Yes, there were times when I also needed a break and some ‘me-time’ (everyone does!), but those days were the ‘exception’ — not the ‘rule’.

I figured I must be doing something right because other parents seemed surprised that…

  • My kids were (almost) always happy & content (without my constant attention).
  • My kids hardly ever whined or threw a tantrum when I said, ‘no’.
  • And I was never afraid to take my kids to the grocery store or a restaurant for fear of misbehavior.

So what made my parenting journey so different than most? I believe baby sign language is the missing puzzle piece most families are looking for but don’t realize it (until it’s too late!)

My Mission Is To Help Highly Sensitive Moms Savor Life As A New Parent With Ease, Confidence, and Grace :)

I believe this is possible for every family! You just need the right tools in your parenting toolbox.

#1 Tool = Baby Sign Language – This is the ONE THING you can focus on that makes every other parenting activity easier & more fun. Adventures In Baby Signing Classroom is an affordable way to learn baby sign language from home >> (Enroll now for only $59)

#2 Tool = Bucket Filling – Encourages positive behavior by filling your child’s emotional buckets on a daily basis. Discover how baby sign language naturally supports bucket filling with toddlers >>

#3 Tool = Emotion Coaching – A technique that helps children understand their feelings and work through how to react to their feelings in healthy ways. My oldest daughter is a highly sensitive person (like myself) and I learned a lot from this book about Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child >> (affiliate link)

That’s it in a nutshell! These 3 parenting tools will build a strong foundation and set any family up for success!

What’s Your First Step?

Teach your baby sign language! (You. Need. This.)

Still Not Sure If Baby Sign Language Is Right For You?

The ability to express self-awareness is a really big deal for a child who hasn’t learned to talk yet.

Imagine how quickly you’d get your crying baby back to sleep if you went to check on her in the middle of the night and she signed MILK, CHANGE or AFRAID. You’d instantly know what to do!

Or, how tantrum-free you’d flow through your day if your son signed CRACKER instead of getting frustrated while trying (multiple times) to explain want he wanted (but no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t quite understand his gibberish).

And lastly, how peaceful and painless navigating the terrible-two’s could actually be, because your daughter signed APPLE JUICE, instead of laying on the floor in a hot mess (completely frustrated) because you mistakenly gave her a cup of milk.

Your Baby Is Trying To Tell You Something, She Just Doesn’t Have The Words Yet!

Think of me like a baby-talk interpreter.

Wait, that sounds silly.

I’m like having a baby-babble dictionary in your pocket.

Yeah… that sounds a bit over-the-top too.

I Help Parents & Caregivers Use Baby Sign Language (based on American Sign Language) As An Early Communication Tool To Communicate Sooner With A Baby Or Toddler Who Is Not Talking (Yet!)

Honestly – I don’t know why any parent wouldn’t want to teach their child sign language.

It’s truly a gift for the whole family!

But, I get it. My husband wasn’t totally on board in the beginning.

So I understand how sign language for hearing babies might seem a little bit odd.

I mean, shouldn’t you be encouraging your baby to talk? Not with hand gestures… but speaking actual WORDS?

I’ve Got A Mind-Blowing Surprise For You!

Not only does sign language allow your baby to communicate with you 1-2 years before words kick in… studies have shown that signing children typically start talking sooner than non-signing children, AND develop larger vocabularies!

So, how does that happen?

Every time you sign with your baby, you re-enforce the sign with the sound of the word, this helps your baby make a connection between sounds and sign.

Never Signed With A Baby Before?

Let’s work together to discover:

  • The best age to start teaching your baby sign language.
  • Tips & tricks that encourage your baby to sign back sooner.
  • 5 frequently used baby signs you can teach your baby (in the next 5 minutes!).

I’ve put the pieces of the puzzle together for you (click here to get my free e-course)

I’m Here To Help In Other Ways As Well

You can expect PRACTICAL advice from me. I’m all about having fun, keeping you inspired, and helping your days go smoother – I do NOT want your life to get more complicated.

I create free courses for you, like My free 7-day workshop (delivered straight to your inbox), or this mini lesson on ASL Signs for Valentine’s Day, or even this one showing you a simplified version of Little Miss Muffet in ASL.

If you’ve found my free resources helpful, you will fall in LOVE with my signature program, Adventures In Baby Signing Classroom (lifetime enrollment only $59), where you get all of my best tips and tricks organized in a step-by-step online resource center – so you can learn 100+ foundational baby signs quickly. If you’ve never signed with a baby before, this program is for YOU.

Talking about early communication techniques is my passion – Inspiring you to teach your baby sign language is why I’m in business.

If you need someone to support you along the way, I’m here for you.

 Here Is My Fancy Third Person Bio:

Marcie is an early communication & baby sign language strategist, who shows moms how to use baby sign language as a communication tool, to support and enhance spoken language and development. She helps new moms to stop playing the guessing game, avoid unexplained temper tantrums, and replace crying with communication. Find her at www.MarciePaige.com

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

  1. I usually have about 10 projects on the go at one time (personal or business).
  2. I fell in love with American Sign Language when I was in elementary school even though I didn’t know anyone who was deaf or could sign.
  3. My mom taught me to knit and crochet when I was very young. When I was in grade 5 I knit my first baby sweater.
  4. I’m a very do-it-myself kind of person. I dabble in a lot of different things such as scrapbooking, sewing, piano, guitar, violin and web design. Almost everything I’ve learned is either self-taught (Google is my best friend!) or learned from a family member.
  5. I’ve always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. As a teenager, I was constantly scheming up ideas for a project. I made and sold jewelry, covered hangers, mittens, baby clothing, and quilts.
  6. I am NOT a morning person. I hate having to get up in the mornings to get my kids off to school. But I absolutely LOVE everything else about being a mom.
  7. I prefer to live in the country, I don’t like stepping out my front door and being able to see my neighbor.
  8. Now that I am an entrepreneur and work from home I struggle to ‘leave my work at work’.
  9. I prefer to indulge on fruits and berries rather than junk food and I feel like I’ve just eaten a treat.
  10. I would LOVE to take a salsa dance class with my husband but he says ‘no way!’ (oh, well. Maybe some day!)

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