How To Be An Authentic Affiliate

In order to generate ‘thank you’ money as an affiliate you need to give out your personalized link, and when someone makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking on your link, you earn a 50% commission off the purchase! Pretty easy, eh?

Here are a few ways you can share your affiliate link in an authentic way:

  • Add a linked image in your sidebar. (if you have a website!)
  • Write a review about the product and post the article on your blog – be sure to include keywords within your article and use those keywords to create a link to my sales page using your personalized affiliate link.
  • Send out an email to a friend who would benefit from the program and include your affiliate link in the email. Be sure to let them know how much YOU love the program and WHY they should sign up :) This should be an authentic email from your heart!
  • Post a status update on Facebook.
  • Tweet about the program on Twitter.
  • Interview me. (email me to make a request – marcie @

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