Two of My Favourite Baby Signs That Empower Your Toddler to Ask for Assistance (part 1 of 2)

Two helpful baby signs my daughter used frequently were…


I wanted to share these baby signs with you because the benefit of these particular signs is not obvious to everyone, and you may not think to search them out on your own.

My oldest daughter LOVED to be held or be near me – no matter what I was doing.

Cooking, laundry, cleaning, watching TV… you name it, she was RIGHT there :)

Some might say she was a little clingy.

But, she was my first and I loved every minute of it!

When she was old enough to walk, she was constantly grabbing onto my leg and crying to be picked up. I didn’t mind that she wanted me to pick her up – but the crying was not… well… necessary. In my opinion :)

That’s when I decided to teach her the ASL sign for UP.

Learn the ASL sign for UP, and how to introduce it in the right context.Click To Tweet

We had already been signing for a while, so she picked it up really quickly – and the crying stopped right away. **yeah!**

After that, anytime she wanted me to pick her up, she would grab my pant leg and sign UP. There were times I had to say, “just a minute” and she’d have to wait for me to pick her up.

But, she didn’t get upset and she was content to wait because she knew I wasn’t ignoring her, AND, that I didn’t misunderstand what she wanted.

**Watch the video below to learn the ASL sign for UP – and how to introduce it in the right context.

Pretty easy, right? Give it a try and let me know what you think!

The second ‘ask for assistance’ sign my family found really helpful was – HELP or HELP ME.

Click here to learn the ASL sign for HELP.

My 2 favourite baby signs that allow your toddler to ask for assistance!Click To Tweet

Enjoy the journey,



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