8 (oh, so delicious reasons) You Should Teach Your Baby Sign Language:

  1. Improved communication :: your baby will be able to tell you what they want without crying, whining or tantrums.
  2. You will both be happier and less frustrated :: addressing needs quickly keeps mom AND baby from loosing their marbles.
  3. You are setting the foundation for a strong healthy relationship :: early communication gives your child confidence & a unique connection with you.
  4. You will boost your child’s confidence & self-esteem :: children feel more secure when they feel heard & understood.
  5. Your child will develop a larger vocabulary :: signing children typically develop larger spoken vocabularies once they start talking.
  6. You will raise a smarter baby :: this one might not be as important – but it’s true! Signing children often have higher IQ’s.
  7. Jump start speech :: This one is my favourite!! Signing children typically speak sooner then non-signing children.
  8. And best of all... signing makes parenting easier and a lot more fun!