Let's be honest. As parents, we want more communicating and less crying. Am I right?

I can help you end unexplained crying fits, whining, and tantrums — and even avoid the terrible twos all together!

[updated December 2017] We’ve got the makings of a magical Christmas morning! Imagine that delightful look on your child’s face and the sparkle in their eyes as they communicate clearly with you how much Santa enjoyed his milk and cookies! In this video, I’m sharing 7 Magical ASL signs for Christmas (under 2 minutes) that [...]

17 Festive ASL Signs for Thanksgiving – Video Lesson [updated October 2017] In this video, I’m going to teach you 17 festive ASL signs for Thanksgiving. These are fun and practical signs you can use with your kids during this special holiday weekend. It’s not necessary to teach your kids all of these signs, but [...]

[updated March 2017] 13 Playful ASL Signs for Easter Weekend – Video Lesson Easter is just around the corner! Follow along with Marcie as she demonstrates 13 playful ASL signs for Easter in this short video lesson. Your child will LOVE being able to express their excitement over chocolate and bunnies :) It only takes a [...]

[*updated February 2017] Follow along with Marcie as she demonstrates 12 fun ASL signs for Valentine’s Day during this short video lesson. You’ll love these family-focused signs to help your child connect with you on Love Day! It only takes a few minutes to learn these signs. Then practice them over the next few days [...]

Follow along with Marcie as she demonstrates 11 spooky ASL signs for Halloween during this short video lesson. Mwah ha ha ha! (ok, ok… they’re not so scary. But they sure are fun!!) Halloween signs you’ll learn in this video: Halloween Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern Costume Ghost Black Cat Witch Monster Spider Candy Trick-or-Treat Happy Halloween 11 Spooky ASL Signs [...]

The ASL sign for HELP or HELP ME is my second favourite ‘ask for assistance’ sign and it was used on a fairly regular basis in my house. (*If you missed part 1 – go here to learn the ASL sign for UP) Whenever my daughter was playing with a toy that she couldn’t get opened, closed, adjusted… [...]

Two helpful baby signs my daughter used frequently were… … UP and HELP ME. I wanted to share these baby signs with you because the benefit of these particular signs is not obvious to everyone, and you may not think to search them out on your own. My oldest daughter LOVED to be held or be near me – no matter [...]

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