Let's be honest. As parents, we want more communicating and less crying. Am I right?

I can help you end unexplained crying fits, whining, and tantrums — and even avoid the terrible twos all together!

It’s not surprising that one of your child’s first words is NO. That’s because they hear it ALL the time. “No, don’t touch that.” “No, that’s hot.” “No, don’t play with that.” … etc, etc, etc. And it’s not because we LOVE saying no (at least that’s what our kids like to tell us), or that the requests they are making [...]

Hearing you’re baby’s first word is EXCITING! But, there’s one thing better. Hold up… what?! Let me explain. When my husband was at work I would spend all day saying ‘mama’ to my daughter because I really didn’t want her first word to be ‘dada’…hehe… (don’t judge, you know you do it too!!). And of [...]

When you decide to become a parent, you dream about chubby cheeks, unlimited snuggles, and soft giggles. What we are NOT prepared for is the sleepless nights, obsessive crying and constant ‘guess what I need?!’ attitude we receive from our new bundle of joy. As a parent, we are hard-wired to nurture our children in [...]

As you probably already know I’m a HUGE fan of baby sign language and the massive benefits it has to offer. It’s how I’ve avoided 90% of potential meltdowns in my home. But baby sign is not for everyone. And even though I signed with my girls A LOT, there were still times they would [...]

A common misconception is that babies lack the understanding of language. This is NOT true. Babies and toddlers understand WAY more then they can say. They just haven’t yet developed the verbal skills needed to communicate with you through speech. It’s human nature that your child will want to start expressing desires – long before they are ready to [...]

I learned a lot from the Free Quick Start Guide by Positive Parenting Solutions. It’s a fantastic course about WHY kids misbehave and easy ways to correct the behaviours. The key takeaway from this course is that our kids have 2 emotional buckets, and they need these buckets filled every single day. When we make [...]

You can’t go wrong with nursery rhymes AND visual effects!! Your child will love this interactive (and simplified) version of little miss muffet using sign language for kids. In this video you’ll learn 6 ASL signs: little, sat (sit), eating (eat), spider, frightened (scared), away. *signed words pop up in pink. Little Miss Muffet Sat on her [...]

American Sign Language (or ASL) is a language with it’s own grammar and is used fluently by the deaf community. Sign language for babies is made up of strategically chosen ASL signs that are commonly used between you and your and baby. And even though your baby is capable of learning the entire ASL language, [...]

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