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Ready to Start a Podcast & Grow Your Business?

I help coaches and courses creators launch and grow a podcast that has your dream clients falling in love with you—and ready to invest.

Hey there, future podcaster!

I know that starting and growing a podcast is no joke, but guess what?
You don’t have to do it alone!

What kind of help do you prefer? ⤵️

Here are 3 ways I can help you start a podcast! ↓


Taking the DIY approach?

This self-study course is a complete and thorough step-by-step guide to planning, recording, launching, and managing a podcast, in 90 days or less!

Do it with you

Want support & guidance? 
You get access to Mic Drop Podcast Mastery, AND access to a supportive, welcoming community while you start & grow your podcast, where Marcie personally answers your Qs in the private VIP community!

do it for me

Want me to launch or manage your podcast?

All you need to do is record your episodes! I will handle the editing, scheduling, show notes, graphics, guest communication and SO much more!

Full-Service DFY Services!

As your podcast coach and producer, I care about your podcast as much as you do. Let’s divide and conquer: You bring your brilliant content, and I’ll handle everything else.

I can do it all, from editing your episodes and writing killer show notes to crafting eye-catching social media graphics. So, kick back, relax, and let’s make some magic! My goal is to help you reach the heights of podcasting greatness.

Together, let’s create something truly extraordinary. Sound good?

Let’s make your podcast dreams a reality!

Marcie Paige | Podcast Manager

Full-Service Podcast Launch

Over 8 weeks, I walk you through the launch process, help you fully set up your podcast and launch with your first 3 episodes. 

Marcie Paige | Podcast Manager

On-Going Podcast Management

All you need to do is record your episodes! I will handle the editing, scheduling, show notes, graphics, guest communication and SO much more!

Marcie Paige | Podcast Manager

Podcast Strategy Sessions

Not ready to hire a podcast manager but need some guidance to get started? Let’s jump on a call and I’ll show you the steps! (recording provided!) 

Hey, I'm Marcie

I’m a podcast coach & producer for coaches and course creators who don’t have the time (or skills) to handle all the nitty-gritty details of their podcast production.

When I’m not busy saving the day for my dream clients, you’ll find me in my kitchen whipping up some delicious paleo freezer meals, catching up on a juicy Netflix drama, or indulging in a seasonal Starbucks latte (my guilty pleasure!) while balancing my YNAB budget like a pro.

Are you looking for help with launching a new podcast or keeping your existing one on track?

Let’s make your podcast dreams a reality!

Book a quick call with me and I’ll help you decide if now is the right time to start a podcast!

Marcie Paige | Podcast Manger and Launch Consultant

Marcie has 100% delivered!

I was looking for someone that I could trust to complete all the weekly tasks for my show and Marcie has 100% delivered! She is great at what she does and I really appreciate that she takes initiative and offers me feedback to improve the show. 

– Lauren Wrighton
The Podcast Manager Show

Let’s make your podcast dreams a reality!

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