Hey there! I’m a podcast manager and I’m here to make your podcast dreams come true!

An experienced podcaster once said, why sweat the tech stuff when you can focus solely on sharing your unique talents with the world?

I handle all the nitty gritty details of your podcast production so you can focus solely on being creative and letting your ideas flow! I care about your podcast as much as you do!

My goal is to showcase your brilliant skills and give your listeners an unforgettable experience!

And when I’m not working with my lovely clients, you’ll find me in my kitchen whipping up some delicious paleo freezer meals, catching up on a juicy Netflix drama, or indulging in a seasonal Starbucks latte (my guilty pleasure!).

So, what are you waiting for? Book a quick call with me and let’s make some podcast magic happen!

Lauren Wrighton

I was looking for someone that I could trust to complete all the weekly tasks for my show and Marcie has 100% delivered!

The Podcast Manager Show

Lisette Austin

Marcie always does a fabulous job with editing, is great at quickly turning around special editing requests and meets every deadline!

The Globetrotter Lounge

Valery Krieg

I really liked working with Marcie because I felt supported in all aspects of my podcast launch. She and her team both met and exceeded my expectations!

Married Well

Here are 3 things most people don’t know about me…

I’m the creator of Adventures In Baby Signing. In this self-paced digital course, I teach parents how to communicate with their baby and enjoy less fussing by using baby sign language to bridge the gap between baby-babble and spoken words. Sign up for the course HERE.

I love personality tests. They give so much insight into how we see the world, why we make the decision we do, and how we feel about ourselves and others. Here are my results:

I’m addicted to lattes, dark chocolate and beeswax candles!

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 Together, we will discover how podcasting could fit into your business game plan. I’m excited to meet you and help make your podcast dreams a reality!