I help parents use baby sign language to bridge the gap between baby babble + spoken words.

Less Crying • Fewer Tantrums • Peaceful Playdates!

If you’ve been hanging out with me online for any amount of time then you probably know that my love for sign language started when I was very young. But, I didn’t know anything about BABY sign language until I was expecting my first daughter. When I became pregnant I had already been signing for five years, [...]

Just because you’ve learned a few signs… … doesn’t mean you know what to do with them. When I discovered I was expecting my first daughter, I was already comfortable communicating through American Sign Language. My senior year of high school, I completed 8 levels of ASL, as a pre-requisite to the American Sign Language [...]

Anytime you think about learning a new skill (especially a language) you’re gonna have mixed feelings of excitement and hesitation. The excitement of enriching your life with this new skill, and overwhelm because it can get frustrating when you get stuck along the way. That’s when you loose sight of the goal and not follow through. [...]

You’ve been home with your new bundle of joy for weeks now, and you are excited to start teaching your baby sign language, but you wonder… “WHEN should I start??“. Don’t worry. There is really no wrong age to start teaching your baby sign language. Baby sign language is communication tool used to support and enhance spoken language [...]

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