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Master My Pod Famous Method To Get Booked on a Podcast in the Next 48 Hours!

The EXACT plug & play system my clients with small audiences use to land “Sought After Podcast” Interviews that lead to a wave of dream clients reaching out to work with THEM.

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The #1 problem my clients have is not knowing what to say when reaching out to the host. That’s why I’m including my personal “Podcast Pitch Outreach Email” that lands my clients guest spots up to 70% of the time!

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Get Pod Famous Workshop

One of the fastest ways to build brand awareness is to get booked on podcasts to share your expertise. And the best part? It’s free publicity!

Get Pod Famous Workshop | Get Booked on Podcasts

Get Everything for Just $14.95!

Get Booked on 2 Shows in The Next 30 Days or Your Money Back!

Who Am I To Help You Get Booked on Podcasts?

Marcie Paige | Podcast Manger and Launch Consultant

Hey there! Marcie here.

For the last five years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs kickstart and grow their podcasts. And let me tell you, the burning question on every host’s mind is always the same: “How do I grow my audience?”

Trust me, I’ve been down the rabbit hole trying everything – social media, email newsletters, fancy audiograms, you name it.

But then I stumbled upon the secret sauce: Podcast Guesting.

Now, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s a game-changer. I encourage all my clients to get on other podcasts because it’s hands-down the fastest way to expand your audience and get your offers in front of fresh eyes.

And what I love most about this method is that you don’t need your own podcast to benefit from guest interviews!

To show you exactly how I consistently get my clients booked on podcasts I created, Get Pod Famous.

Maybe you’re scratching your head, wondering what to say to land those guest spots. No worries! I’ve boiled it all down to a simple, step-by-step process that’ll have you securing podcast appearances in not time.

Bottom line: Why struggle to figure it all out on your own when you can use a proven system? With “Get Pod Famous,” you’ll be landing podcast gigs and growing your audience like a boss.

And because I’m so confident I can help you, you’ll get…

Instant Access to the Workshop and If You Don’t Get Booked on 2 Shows in the Next 30 Days, You Don’t Pay

It’s that simple.

I stand behind my methods and I’m excited to be able to share them with you!


Let Me Break Down Exactly What You're Getting...

Get Pod Famous is the perfect blend of pitching tips, swipe files, templates and outreach strategy, all wrapped up into one easy-to-implement bundle.

Get Pod Famous Sneak Peek | Get Booked on Podcasts

Get Everything for Just $14.95!

Get Booked on 2 Shows in The Next 30 Days or Your Money Back!

Here's Proof it Works...

"This has saved me SO much time!"

“I like how easy it is just to plug in the info and not have to even think about what to say! You have done all the work!! It’s positive and informative, and I like that you encourage things like leaving a 5-star review on the podcast!  I think that it’s so important to show that you are really trying to be supportive of that person’s show!”

-Breeana Talley

"How to research shows... this was gold!"

“Get Pod Famous helped me define what my signature talks were going to be and what I would like to be an expert in. The lesson on how to research shows…. this was gold! I was able to screen who I would pitch to instead of pitching to everyone. The whole process was simpler than I thought. My favorite part was the Trello Board! I love how organized everything is and you did a fantastic job with the workbook. I would by this again in a heartbeat!”

-Celia Varghese

Want to See a Sneak Peek of The Course?

$14.95 – Get Booked on 2 Shows in The Next 30 Days or Your Money Back!

Imagine the Impact of Appearing on Popular Podcasts!

Your audience grows, your influence expands and your revenue increases.

GPF Swipe Files PDF Mockup

Swipe my podcast pitch outreach emails that will get you landed on 2-5 shows in the next 30 days!

Getting booked on shows can be super confusing and time-consuming. Get Pod Famous offers a streamlined solution, providing you with all the tools and resources you need to simplify this process.

Get Pod Famous is your key to unlocking these opportunities without the hassle and frustration of starting from scratch. This workshop is designed to help you land guest interviews faster, with less effort, and more success.

$14.95 – Get Booked on 2 Shows in The Next 30 Days or Your Money Back!

Got Questions?

Next to none! We use a user friendly course platform to deliver the lessons. And everything you need to create your Podcast Pitch Kit is “drag and drop” or “fill-in-the-blank”! I walk you through the process step-by-step so you can see exactly what to do.

Yes! We are all really busy and simply don’t have the time to figure out stuff by ourselves. So I teach in simple, clear, easy-to-follow steps. No fluff, no frills! Each step builds upon the last.

Yes! Just jump into the Get Pod Famous Pitching Club and ask questions! (exclusive VIP community for GPF members!)

100% Yes! I created this course so it would be applicable to every industry. There is such a wide range of diverse business owners in my community & I really want everyone to be able to use this resource.

Yup, no hidden costs. You get lifetime access to everything the second you sign up.

You can get your pitch kit created in a weekend! Then, just follow the outreach strategy outlined in the program.

Many of my clients were able to book 2-5 interviews within the first 30 days!

I stand behind my methods and I’m confident I can help you! If you follow my system and don’t get booked on 2 shows in the next 30 days – you don’t pay!

Just message our support team and you’ll get a full no questions asked refund.

$14.95 – Get Booked on 2 Shows in The Next 30 Days or Your Money Back!

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