Renae Story

Renae’s Story…

I started signing with my son when he was 5-6 months old.

Produced first sign: 3-4 months for two signs (milk and more). As he got bigger 11- 15 months, he quickly picked several other signs.

The process was really slow at first since I began teaching signs early, by as he got older he picked up signs so easily and used them right away, that was my biggest surprise. My husbands biggest surprise was how well and how often our child actually used signs to communicate with us, it made everything so much easier.

I enrolled in Adventures In Baby Signing Classroom because I wanted to avoid confusion and frustration and be able to solve my child’s need and wants.

I would encourage any parent to sign with their baby! Although through this site I had many resources for many signs ( I even have them printed hung up throughout the house), I used only a few signs which I think is and was a life saver! I couldn’t have imagined how else I would or could communicate with my child, I would have been guessing otherwise. My husband was skeptic about me wanting to teach sign language to our baby. He didn’t think their would be a benefit. He is in the military and deployed when our baby was just four months old. When he returned when our baby was 11 months old, he was blown away with how our sweet boy could tell us what he wanted or needed. My husband said he was happy that I decided to teach our son. That he feels it was been so helpful many ways.

I only taught my son milk, more, all done, and eat consistently. I tried help, hot, nap time or sleep, and a few others but wasn’t consistent enough.

Renae – San Diego, California