Lauren Wrighton | Fit Friends Happy Hour Podcast“I’ve loved working with Marcie! She has helped me edit my podcast and has done a great job! She shows initiative and is eager to learn. She is responsive and easy to work with which is a must for me! I’m so glad I met Marcie a few months back and I know our working relationship will be a long one! Thank you Marcie!”

-Lauren Wrighton

Kelly Pietrangeli | My Project Me“Marcie, you’ve done a brilliant job! You really understood what I wanted to use this transcript for, and transcribed my side of the conversation by reducing it to simple highlights. I love how you bolded the most important parts of what Julie (the other speaker) said. The layout of this transcript will make it easy to scan over, and refer back to key points, when I return to these notes while writing my book.”

-Kelly Pietrangeli

Jennifer Halls | You Know“I’ve run my business for more than 20 years and finding Marcie was like finding a gold needle in a haystack. It’s important to me to have reliable professional help that consistently does a great job. I have counted on Marcie’s excellent work for several years now. She has transcribed at least 50+ hour-long audios for me, from classes I’ve taught to speaking engagements, and I couldn’t be happier. I use transcripts in several ways, they help me find valuable quotes, write accurate audio class descriptions and are priceless when writing books. A huge bonus is that Marcie is a pleasure to work with and is conscientious with every job I’ve given her. I haven’t tried her other services, but when I expand I will go to her first. She makes my work life so much easier. Thank you, I really appreciate all that you do Marcie!”

-Jennifer Halls